Let the dove carry our dreams to the place we aspire.
We celebrate, grieve and dream upon their wings.
Lift us to the heavens and help us see truth.
We will fly with them and take comfort.

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Our Doves

Our solid white doves are actually homing pigeons that have been selectively bred over thousands of years. We release only trained white doves from solid white racing stock. They have a natural homing instinct which guides them to the safety of their loft. They are not the same pigeons you may see in city parks or doves you may see in a pet store. Please do not be confused and think that any white dove or pigeon can be released. Only homing pigeons that have been trained by a professional can safely be released.


Weddings, Funerals, Wakes, Gender Reveal, Memorials, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Marriage Proposals, Engagements, Military Events, Bar/Bat mitzvah, Valentine’s Day, Fundraisers, Charity Events, Celebration of Life, Graduations


Doves are a symbol of purity, faithfulness and love. The release of doves represent hope and commitment. Soar on their wings to the place where love began.


The soul of a loved one is uplifted to Heaven. Peace, serenity and redemption. Three doves representing the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit will accompany a spirit dove, representing your loved one in the transition to everlasting life.


Boy or Girl? Let doves reveal the love you conceived. Celebrating the perfection that has been created.


Honor the history of our nation with the flight of doves. In remembrance of all that has been sacrificed and give thanks.


Create unique and memorable photos for your Engagement, Pre-Wedding, or Family photo.


Prices vary based on location and number of doves released.   We will work with clients to provide the ceremony you desire at a reasonable cost.

Traditional Wedding

Two White Doves for Display
Bride and Groom Two Dove Release
Two Dove Release for Photographer

Funeral, Memorial or Wake

One to Four White Dove Release
(Perfect for a Graveside Service)

Spectacular Flock Release

Basket of Ten to Twenty Snow White Doves
Opened by Person(s) of Honor

*can be added to any package

Gender Reveal

One to three pink or blue tinted doves followed with five dove release

Photo Shoots

Engagement, Pre-Wedding, Family – Contact Dana for location and pricing options

About Us

Lovely Doves of Rome was established in 2006 by Tony and Cherry Warren.  Dana, their daughter, joined them in running the business in 2020. 

Cancellation Policies

Deposits that are placed for weddings will be refunded if cancelled 30 days in advance.  Our dove’s safety is paramount.  We cannot fly our doves in rain, snow, fog or high winds.  If any of these acts of nature coincide with an event your deposit will be graciously refunded.

Flight Restrictions

Inclement weather such as rain, snow, fog or high winds will prevent us from doing a release.  Our doves need an appropriate amount of time to return to their loft before dusk.  The destination of an event will determine the latest time of day they can be released.  Our doves also cannot be released indoors.  We cannot release our doves around loose predatory animals or if there are overhead power lines that may endanger our birds.


Deposits will be required for weddings in order to hold any date requested.  Deposits will be refunded if cancellation is within 30 days of the scheduled event.

Cities We Serve

Funerals: Rome and Cedartown

Weddings: Rome, Cedartown, Cave Spring, Silver Creek, Rockmart, Aragon, Kingston, Cartersville, White, Euharlee, Adairsville, Summerville, Lyerly, Taylorsville

Contact Us

Cherry Warren – 706-252-5733
Dana Comm – 404-408-2550