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Text Box:                      “Carry Me Home”
My loved ones do not cry and worry for me.
For like the dove, I have been set free.
God has called me to my mansion on high,
There among the clouds in the deep blue sky.
I have no more pain or suffering to do.
I have been called home, I know you will too.
So beat hard and fast little wings of white,
Carry me home before the night.
(Lee Gilley, Author)
How wonderful to remember a loved one and see a lone dove fly into the heavens, symbolizing the departing spirit. Adding an angel escort will make your heart soar with the doves. A dove release is a beautiful and fitting final addition to a funeral or memorial service for a loved one. 
For a religious ceremony the dove release has special meaning because for centuries the dove has represented the presence of the Holy Spirit. A Trinity Release of three white doves represents the "God the Father", "Christ the Son" and the "Holy Spirit" which will be joined by the "Spirit" dove symbolizing the departing spirit of the loved one. To observe them join together, fly high exhibiting the joy of being free, and head toward the heavens beginning their journey home will  bring joy  and healing to the hearts of all those who observe the occasion..

We provide dove releases for within a 40 mile radius of Rome Georgia which includes: Aragon, Calhoun, Cartersville, Cave Spring, Cedartown, Dallas, Kingston, Lyerly, Rockmart, Summerville, and Trion as well as Centre and Cedar Bluff Alabama.

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