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How can I incorporate a dove release into my event?

We consult with every client and will be glad to offer suggestions on how best to incorporate an outdoor dove release into your event. A white dove release on the front steps of the church is an impressive symbolic and enchanting ending to a wedding ceremony. A white dove release at a memorial service helps bring closure, and helps ease the pain, while honoring the memory of our loved ones. Indoor portions of our event can be enhanced with our beautiful and decorative display cages containing to white doves.


What happens to the doves after they are released?

A miracle of nature enables them to find their way home from great distances. Keen senses of hearing, smell, sight and the ability to read magnetic fields are thought to be some of the tools they use to complete their successful journey home.


Are the doves harmed?

No. In fact, they are capable of flying much further than we are willing to send them. Some exceptional birds have been known to return home from over 600 miles.


How are the doves trained?

The training begins at a very young age, about 3 months old. The doves are placed on the landing board of their loft (home) and they quickly become accustomed to their surroundings. Slowly they are put in baskets and taken on tosses (training sessions) to build muscle and endurance. Once trained these athletes are able to fly many miles to the home that they have come to love.


What is the difference between dove and pigeon?

The white racing homing pigeons we see today, used in dove releases, are descended from the rock dove. These beautiful athletes in the sky have come about through manís intervention using selective breeding over thousands of years. Our white homing pigeons are selectively bred and are not the same as the pigeons you might see in city parks.


Are the doves clean and will they leave droppings on my guest as they fly overhead?

Doves love to bathe and keep themselves clean. On the day of your special event, before the birds are loaded up, they will have taken their daily baths. They are not fed until after your event so they wonít embarrass themselves or your guests.

We provide dove releases for within a 40 mile radius of Rome Georgia which includes: Aragon, Calhoun, Cartersville, Cave Spring, Cedartown, Dallas, Kingston, Lyerly, Rockmart, Summerville, and Trion as well as Centre and Cedar Bluff Alabama.

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